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The Essential Meat Experience

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At True Fire Smoke and Grill, We Work Intuitively with Fire and the Ingredients.

The kitchen is entirely powered by wood and everything is cooked to order. We burn a variety of woods daily to create embers that will then be used to cook in a way that enhances the natural characteristics of the ingredients.

Our kitchen is open-plan, allowing guests a clear view of the action which unfolds in the kitchen. It is important for us to invite diners into our world and show them how simple cooking can be, and how good ingredients can become great ingredients when grilled over a wood fire. Head Chef and owner, Mahesh Marambage is fascinated by fire; his dedication and uncompromising approach has established Firedoor as an eating experience unlike anything else in town, Camrose.

Why Choose True Fire

We believe in serving our guests what we like to eat in order to cook food that's made with real love.

That's why our food quality is the best quality and extremely tasty as well. We cut no corners when it comes to preparing our dishes - our customer's experience in our restaurants is our 1st priority...

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For Every Taste

In our menu you'll find a wide variety of appetizers, sandwiches, and many more.

Fresh Ingredients

We use only the best ingredients to cook the tasty fresh food for you.

Experienced Chefs

Our staff consists of chefs and cooks with years of experience.